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Kuwait will Eedite Deportees without Passports’ Procedures

Yesterday, Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense and Interior by default, visited the Department of Deportation and Temporary Detention Affairs for inspection. Sheikh Fahd went with Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mubarak, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Financial Affairs, to supervise the work, pinpoint problems, and come up with remedies.

Sheikh Fahd visited the deportation jail to evaluate its capacity and inspected the several prisoner wards, including those that housed both male and female convicts. He paid close attention to the prisoners’ complaints and grievances, taking note of their top concerns.

Sheikh Fahd gave orders to resolve the legal barriers that prisoners experienced in response to the observations and grievances made. He underlined how crucial it is to set up systems that make deportation processes easier, especially for people without passports. In order to enable their prompt repatriation, this endeavor requires close collaboration with pertinent embassies.

Additionally, Sheikh Fahd emphasized the need to rectify any shortcomings in the management of deportation and pretrial custody matters. He presented a vision for the future that emphasized streamlining processes and getting rid of problems in this important area of administration.

Sheikh Fahd also paid a visit to the Juvenile Administration Building, often referred to as the Social Evaluation House, where he reaffirmed the government’s resolve to address several aspects of the country’s rehabilitation and correctional system.

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