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Kuwaiti Firefighters Forces Contained the Fire at Sulaibiya Warehouses

Firefighting personnel from Independence, Sulaibikhat, Tahrir, and Support Centers worked diligently early this Saturday morning to contain and put out a fire that started in four warehouses inside an agricultural plot in the Sulaibiya region. Wood, sponges, cork, and hygienic implements were all stored in the warehouses.

The fire was kept from spreading to nearby warehouses thanks in large part to the firefighting teams’ quick response. Under the direction of Major General Khaled Abdullah Fahd, acting Chief of the General Fire Force, there were concerted efforts made to quickly contain and put out the fire.

Thankfully, the incident did not cause any serious injuries because the firefighting teams handled the situation so well. The firefighting operations were closely monitored and directed by Major General Khaled Abdullah Fahd, Brigadier General Muhammad Haider Ali, Director of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, Brigadier General Muhammad Badr Ibrahim, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, and Brigadier General Othman Saad Saleh, Director of the Northern Centers Administration.

The fire was successfully contained and put out, demonstrating the efficiency and readiness of Kuwait’s firefighting personnel to act quickly in an emergency. Investigators from the authorities are working to identify the source of the fire and evaluate any possible damages.


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