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Verify the Validity of your Driver’s License to Prevent Deportation

Drivers have been warned by the Ministry of Interior not to break traffic regulations or conduct major infractions. They have been warned that there will be harsh penalties, such as administrative expulsion, if they are found driving without a valid license.

The source emphasized how crucial it is for foreigners to use the “Kuwait Mobile ID” or “Sahel” programs to confirm the legitimacy of their driver’s licenses. The source further stated that some foreign nationals may not be aware that their driving licenses have been revoked without their knowledge for a variety of reasons, and that merely possessing a license does not shield one from consequences, such as possible deportation.

According to the source, 145 foreign nationals were deported for operating a vehicle without a license. The fact that the Ministry of Interior routinely checks driver’s licenses through the General Traffic Department was underlined. If the prerequisites are not fulfilled, or if one’s occupation changes—particularly for licenses obtained after 2013—the license status will be indicated as withdrawn in the “Kuwait Mobile ID” application.

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