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Police Crack Down on Drugs: Three People are Apprehended with 133,000 Psychoactive pills and 6kg of Drugs

Security personnel are working tirelessly to stop the spread of drugs and psychotropic substances, and they are keeping up their crackdown on drug traffickers and smugglers. The Criminal Security Sector—more especially, the General Department of Narcotics Control (Local Control Department)—saw its most recent achievement in this continuous endeavor when it apprehended three people who were in possession of a significant amount of illegal narcotics.

Three people were detained by the “control” during targeted operations after it was discovered that they had six kilograms of drugs total—including hashish and crystal meth (shabu), five kilograms of Lyrica powder, and an astounding thirteen thousand prescription pills. Apart from the drugs, an illicit handgun was also taken into custody in relation to the cases.

When questioned, the people who had been arrested acknowledged that they were the owners of the confiscated goods and that they intended to use them for abuse and trafficking. Following that, the things that had been seized and the suspects themselves were turned over to the appropriate authorities so that legal action could be taken against them.

This important move fits into the Ministry of Interior’s larger plan to end the drug trade, break up criminal organizations, and protect society from the negative effects of drugs. Assuring a safer and more secure environment for the community is a primary priority for the security forces, who are committed to enforcing strict measures against drug-related activities.

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