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Manhunt Begins for Repeated “Fill and Run” Fuel Thieve Share

Someone who used the dishonest strategy of making up lost items was able to steal gasoline eight times. This plan is similar to another situation that Al-Anbaa described in December of the previous year. A car had stolen gasoline in a similar manner in that case, which was reported to the Maidan Hawalli Police Station. Fuel theft was once again brought to light by a new case that surfaced yesterday, identified as No. 2024/7 at the Sabah Al-Salem Police Station, according to Al-Anba daily. A 1962-born resident working as a representative for a nearby petroleum marketing company filed an official complaint at the Ali Sabah Al-Salem police station, according to people acquainted with the situation.

The complaint described the driver’s frequent trips to a gas station in the Ali Sabah Al-Salem region in an American Vanette. Every time he stopped by, the driver refueled the car and hurried off without paying the bill. It was revealed that the culprit was able to escape with 18.5 dinars worth of fuel over the course of eight occasions. The informant provided substantial evidence, which included video footage showing the accused in the act. The police station responded by starting an investigation and giving investigators instructions to capture the offender.

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