Over 75% of Expat Health Workers in Kuwait Face Violence and Abuse

A recent study found that healthcare workers, especially in primary healthcare centers, face much higher rates of violence compared to other fields. Key findings include:

– 85.9% of dispensary staff (383 people) have experienced violence.
– 77.3% have faced physical violence.
– 48.8% have faced psychological violence.
– 20.3% have been verbally assaulted.
– 15% have been bullied.
– 1.9% have experienced sexual harassment.
– 6.4% have been targets of racism.

Among expatriate workers, 76.7% of doctors and nurses (294 people) reported experiencing violence. Women face more violence than men, and nurses are more frequently targeted than doctors. This pattern is seen in Kuwait, Serbia, Greece, and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Hoda Al-Ghareeb emphasized the severe impact of this violence on healthcare staff. The study highlights the urgent need for policies to protect healthcare workers and ensure their safety.

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