Teachers are cautioned against making fun of their students. Please upload your diplomas

According to Al-Jarida daily, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has started notifying its staff members who have not yet uploaded copies of their academic credentials for post-secondary certificates earned after the year 2000. We are reminding them that these certificates must be uploaded to the Ministry’s website.

The Ministry has warned that failure to comply with this requirement within a week will result in appropriate measures. The Ministry also made it clear that teachers are not allowed to take pictures of students’ answer sheets or post them on social media.

The offender will face disciplinary action in line with Article 25 of Decree 15 of 1979 if they disregard these instructions. In a letter to Hessa Al-Mutawa, the acting undersecretary of public education, Muhammad Al-Adwani, the acting undersecretary for legal affairs, brought to light incidents in which teachers took pictures of exam answer sheets and posted them online for mockery.

Al-Adwani emphasized that these kinds of activities are against the Civil Service Law, which forbids workers from sharing private information about their jobs. As a result, any educator who is discovered taking pictures of and disseminating student response sheets will be subject to administrative responsibility and disciplinary action.

A legal opinion was sought regarding the practice of photographing answer sheets in response to Al-Mutawa’sconcerns.

The Ministry aims to issue a circular prohibiting this practice to preserve the integrity and privacy of students during exams. The circular will specify the consequences for infractions in order to discourage similar behavior and protect exam confidentiality.

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