The Owner’s Son “Destroyed” the Video Cameras

In an odd turn of events, investigators have figured out why a family’s exterior CCTV cameras were purposefully destroyed. Neighbors’ accusations about the household’s father allegedly secretly watching them through the cameras led to the event. This story is especially fascinating since at first, a case was brought against an unidentified offender.

But because to the father’s tenacity in filing an official report to identify the person who had harmed the cameras, investigators were forced to look into the case more thoroughly, according to Al-Anba daily. The story started when a concerned resident, born in 1972, went to the Abdullah and Ali Sabah Al-Salem Port police station to report that someone had purposefully vandalized a security camera. The case, which is documented under the number 92/2024, was first classified as a misdemeanor before being forwarded for further examination.

The culprit turned out to be the complainant’s 28-year-old son, as the detectives discovered when they continued their investigation. The son gave his reason for acting during questioning, citing multiple complaints from neighbors accusing his father of invasive spying. He claimed that suspicions of his father’s psychiatric problems were the source of these complaints. After this information came to light, the case was quickly resolved, the offender was found, and the mysterious occurrence came to an end.

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